Friday, August 8, 2008

Impending Marriage and Writing Updates

On August twenty-third of this month, Alicia Victoria Grivno (my beautiful and faithful muse) shall become the beautiful and faithful Alicia Victoria Holley. I am independent, sometimes to the extreme, but I must concede that my life (and writing for that matter) has grown to heights I didn't dare to think possible as a result of "Ali" being in it. I look forward, not only to the nuptials that saturday, but to a life-long journey together...wherever that life may take us.

On the writing front, that certain producer from Cali is still perusing THE DREGS in regards to its filmability. There has been some difficulty getting the MS in front of him, however, due to e-mail problems (them not reaching him). I found out because he e-mailed me wondering why he had not received the MS as of yet. I shall take that as a compliment, that he would bother to contact me. Being that I am an incessant worrier, I did contact Brendan Deneen (my potential future agent) to see if he had any wisdom to lend me in regards to contacting the above mentioned producer directly. Brendan graciously offered to e-mail the man himself. Not exactly an offer of representation, but dare I say that I am creeping closer? I will continue to work hard and see what happens.

My short story, IT CRIES, is still under consideration for inclusion in Necrotic Tissue's new BLOOM MEMORIAL print anthology. The anthology is due to run in late 2008 or early 2009.


Anonymous said...

:) great work baby!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your sub to the Bloom anthology. I'm sending one off shortly. I had one in their first issue (The Lizard Pit) and have a 100 worder in the next issue. Great bunch of people.