Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Wrap Up...

For a year in which I expected to get no writing done, due to the many activities involved in marrying the love of my life and in the purchasing of a new home, I ended up being quite prolific after all. 2008 found me writing 15 complete and 2 partial pieces of short fiction, 4 of which have already been published and two more are slated to run in 2009. In addition to the short fiction, I completed--very roughly--a third of my new novella, JEWEL. Looking back, I am amazed at what I have accomplished...obviously Ali is a creative influence in my life.

That brings me to 2009. I am not a big proponent of the hype of a new year and making resolutions...time just seems to blend for me, no beginning no end, just a continuous flow of life. Therefore, I shall just relay my future plans so as far as to say that I intend, sometime in 2009, to write 2 more short storys that I have already committed to crafting and then finish my novels, JEWEL and NO INNOCENT VICTIM. If time allows, and the muse blesses me with inspiration, I would be overjoyed to begin the marketing process of the above mentioned novels, although my gut tells me that it may be an ambitious goal to set within the time-frame of a year. Editing is a grueling process, but we shall see!

I do also hope, in regards to my literary efforts, that 2009 finds more of my short fiction in circulation. I also hope that time provides me the opportunity to network more often with my author friends by the way of conferences...and oh yes...THE FUNKY WERE PIG Blogtalk Radio show (check it out, by the way, on Blogtalk Radio, Fridays @ 10:00 central time).

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