Saturday, April 10, 2010

Celebratory Cigar

Hey gang! I just sparked the celebratory cigar--INHUMAN is in the can, so to speak. As the hour struck three o'clock, the final word struck paper, and the manuscript is complete at ninety grand (and yes, that's cigar speak for words). I won't dare tout it's merit--that is for you all to decide--but I will promise you this: one hell of a scare fest. This is by far the darkest piece I have ever penned, and I must admit that sometimes I even disturbed myself along the way...and I think my wife would concur. And I thank her for the unlimited patience!

In any regard, the blurb is now up on my website for anyone interested--and the artistic representation will follow suit in short order.

Now, as the sweet stench of tobacco smoke encircles my head, I will begin to plot and scheme my next project. I am thinking ZEALOT or RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE, but I am always open to suggestion my friends.

So long for now, gang--I believe that I hear a glass of Crown/diet calling my name!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great work honey! it most certainly keeps one reading, while wanting to look over their shoulder!