Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Novel Updates and Other Bits of Carnage

Another long hiatus, I know, and thank you to the many peeps surfing the social networking wave who pointed that fact out to me and got me back in the blogospherical saddle. I should be a more religious blogger, no doubt!

Some updates though--finally:

I am eleven chapters into RED STRAIN, my newest novel, which has been accomplished in only two weeks time, and so I am very optimistic of an April/May completion date (first draft). Somewhere closer to that time, I'll have the artistic representation and blurb posted on my website under the writing tab. Think zombieish peeps!

In addition to RED STRAIN, I am picking away ever so slowly at the sequel to JEWEL (currently being read by a major publishing house), entitled WEDNESDAY'S CHILD. Like JEWEL, the novel is written in the first person, but this time, I'm writing from the perspective of the opposite gender--very fun and interesting, have learned a lot! Stay tuned, please!

Shortly, there will be some exciting anthology news regarding my short story, VANDRAVEN'S TICK. I can't say too much yet, but soon...

So anyway, I got some stuff in the works, and will try my butt off to keep my blog updated. Thanks again for all who cared to remind me.

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Great job with your writing....keep up the awesome work!!