Friday, July 8, 2011


Blogged by popular demand: the recipe for Writer’s Slush! Oh yeah, guaranteed to make you a better writer…or, at the very least, make you not give a shit if you suck.

It drinks better in the hot summer months, but alcohol is alcohol, right? Drink it whenever the fuck you want!


6 C’s H2O

½ C Sugar

1 can frozen OJ

1 can frozen Lemonade

½ can frozen grapefruit juice

1 tsp powdered/unsweetened ice tea mix

2 C’s Vodka or Brandy

Heat water and sugar (in a big pot) until sugar dissolves (do not boil, God NO; we don’t wanna ever boil the alcohol—it’ll go bye-bye. *Tears*)

Then add everything else (except the alcohol) and stir the shit around ‘til it’s all melted and mixed together into one big liquid concoction.

And now for the best part: add the Vodka or Brandy. Stir it all around some more…get it good and blended!

Pour the whole conglomeration into an ice-cream pail (it will fill it to the top) and put in freezer for 28 hrs. Now, I know, when you’re all geared up, it’s hard to wait the 28 hrs, but it’s worth it…so do it. Have some willpower for goodness sakes!

Enjoy, my friends! And, for fuck sakes, drink responsibly. Don't make me write a bunch of fricken small print...


Anita Grace Howard said...

Yay! Thanks for the yummy recipe, Justin. And I love the name. LOL.

T.S. Welti said...

The slush never sounded so good. I'm definitely giving it a try. :D