Thursday, October 2, 2008

Apparently It's Contagious

Apparently, being published is contagious. Things are starting to roll strong for me in that regard and I hope it keeps right on rolling!

As you all know, my first published work, IT CRIES, bloodied up cyberspace via Trei Literary Magazine. Now Trei's Halloween (October) edition is up...and it will absolutely knock your socks off! It is a homerun swing by editor-and-chief CL Friere--you must check it out! My short fiction piece, THE DREGS, is in there along with a lot of other talented authors. This E-zine is get in on the Halloween spirit and check out what's hot!

On another front, and as previously mentioned, John Gledson has started a literary endeavor called Black Hound Publishing. His first project is an anthology of horror/fantasy short fiction pieces called ATRUM TEMPESTAS (that is Latin for Black Storm for those wondering). My short story, VESSEL OF THE DIABLO SI, has officially been chosen for inclusion in the project and I am proud to be a part of it. I will post updates on the anthologies availability for purchase as I have information.

I have also just finished up with two more short stories entitled THE NOTE and ZEALOT respectively. Soon I will be sending them as submissions to Necrotic Tissue and Shroud Magazine for consideration. The way things have been rolling, I would not be surprised to see my fiction in these hallowed pages as well. Either or both of these working out should prove to be a boon for my career, inching ever nearer the brass ring.

In regards to my longer fiction, SPIRIT ASYLUM specifically, Brendan Deneen (my future agent if I have anything to say about it) contacted me to say that he will have finished reading the MS by the end of next week. This one is the big one guys...fingers crossed and prayers please! If this one takes off, it all takes off...yes, I'm a bit nervous, excited nervous.

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Anonymous said...

Major congrats on the sales! That's great news! ^_^