Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween & Writing Updates

Happy Halloween gang! These are truly exciting times on many fronts, especially since this is my website's first Halloween...oh yes, and my short fiction is being picked up as quick as I can write it. Thanks to all of you that have been reading and enjoying--I have the best friends and fans to be sure! Thank you for your continued support of the Horror genre, at Halloween and also during the rest of the year.

In way of updates:

My short story, ZEALOT, has been chosen for publication by SNM Horror Magazine and will be in their November edition. There will be a link from my website as it becomes available. If you enjoy religious horror and want something to ponder...read it...it will leave you disturbed!

Several other pieces of my short fiction: THE NOTE; GHOST DRUM; YOU KILL IT, YOU EAT IT; and SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE NECROMANCER have all been submitted for publication. More details to follow as I have them.

Shroud Magazine is starting a new column for its magazine that spotlights "up and coming" Horror genre talent. They are currently accepting storys to spotlight...and also for potential names for the column. I have contributed to both and would be honored to be included.

Happy Halloween to everyone! Remember to give out lots of candy, have fun with the kids, read and watch horror books and movies, and be safe.

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