Monday, March 24, 2008


Finally a moment to sit at my writing desk and reflect upon my first blog entry; it’s been a busy four days. My back aches and I am dog tired, but it’s all good. One would think that moving two households together wouldn’t be a daunting task – two people in love, coming together in a new home. Cake walk. Okay, yes I hear your uproarious laughter. Actually, despite my pretense, I will have to say that it has gone very well. The beds are put together, the appliances in place, clothes and kitchen items put away and… ah yes, the computer systems are up and functional.

Speaking of computers, we have four – two lap tops and two rather precarious desk tops. You would think that four computers for three people would be sufficient. Well, throw into the mix that there is only one modem – it’s something akin to the Stygian Witches squabbling over the oracle around here. I would swear that my new stepson was planning my demise this morning. However, I cleverly bested the ten year old (don’t laugh, he’s smart) and was able to hoard “my precious” for myself; research you know. Truth be told, I had to bribe the bounder with ChocoNilla Rice Krispies just so I could check my fantasy basketball team. Amid the chaos I felt myself praying that one of my new neighbors had wireless internet that I could pirate – God seems to have said no.

So anyway, I am kept quite busy. What with a new family and home, marketing Broken Mirror and Spirit Asylum, writing No Innocent Victim, and outlining Inhuman; I am hopping along quite merrily. My new wife Ali (actually we won’t be wed until August, but don’t tell) is a great support. Don’t all great authors have the support of a beautiful woman? Please, please, please nobody tell her that I’m not a great author! Seriously though, she is a creative genius and is currently developing cover art for books that she just knows her future husband is going to market vigorously – at least he had better. What a waste all those endless hours at the computer would be otherwise.

My next blog entry, just in case you are following closely, will get a bit more in depth about me being an author of the horror genre. You shall learn more about the kid in me who wants to believe in things that don’t have a rational, scientific explanation – or do they? Perhaps seeing the ghost of a Bigfoot would kill two birds with one stone for me.

Thanks for reading my first entry… I am humbled by it.