Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cover Reveal: PRESS PLAY By Eric Devine

My good buddy, and awesome-author, Eric Devine, has hijacked my blog! He threw a bash to celebrate the release of his cover for PRESS PLAY, and now he wants to give away the gifts we gave him. Okay! And he really wants to unveil his new cover to you, his fans! So please...PLEASE participate, and just maybe I'll get my blog back. Ha! Ha! You're gonna love it! Without further ado, I give you: the talented, Mr. Eric Devine:




I threw a party and want to give you my gifts!!

So I finally got to see the awesome, amazing, and intense cover for my next novel, Press Play. And then the Book Buzz 2014 Young Adult edition released, which has the first two chapters in it. I was so excited that I threw a party to celebrate.

Bethany Crandell came with a signed copy of her novel, Summer on the Short Bus and a swag pack with bookmark and pin.

Shortbus book & swag 

AG Howard brought an awesome 18x24” Unhinged poster, as well as a Splintered series swag pack.

Unhinged posterSplintered.UnhingedSwag

Lisa Ann O’Kane rolled up with an e-copy of her debut, Essence and some sweet swag pins.

 Essence. Book imageESSENCE Pins

 A. Lynden Rolland rocked the place with a signed copy of her debut, Of Breakable Things and her swag pins and bookmark.


 Obt.BookImageOBT button

And then Justin Holley scared us all with his contribution: a signed copy of the horror anthology, Amanda’s Recurring Nightmares, in which his short story, “Wildflower” is featured.

Amanda's Nightmares

We had a blast, and because I’m so thrilled with my cover and the sample chapters, I WANT TO GIVE ALL MY GIFTS AWAY.

So let’s reveal my cover and then you will have a chance to win all that you saw above, as well as a signed copy of Press Play. Awesome, right?

*Drum roll*

And for the teaser:

Press Play cover teaser

Scroll for the real deal




Press Play cover