Friday, September 24, 2010

Sherlock Holmes!

Cool! My short story and subsequent stage-play by Roy C Booth, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE DIABOLICAL NECROMANCER, will be produced for the first time at The Wild Rose Theater on November 12th and 13th.

I can't say enough about how excited I am to see Roy's and my version of the great sleuth come to life. This will be an absolute treat! Any fan of Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce are going to love this. And my hope is that any Conan Doyle fans will as well. I believe that we have stayed true to the Sherlock Holmes legacy, yet added a flavor not yet tasted.

I have heard some rumors of more good news to come with this play in regards to performances. More details as things firm up.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Writerly Updates

I have known for some time now, but it bares repeating once more (at least), that writing is as much about patience/perseverance and attitude as it is about the craft. Ask my wife, but patience isn't something that has come naturally for me--however, after several years of practice, I would like to think that I have learned how not to drive agents/editors out of their minds. And so I wait...

As of right at this moment, I have more than one, but no more than five agents/editors reading JEWEL and INHUMAN. It feels good. That's how I feel now, choosing to think that these kind folks are seriously considering my work, feverishly racking their brains as to how to possibly market my prose. But then, and more likely, they may just be behind on their reading. (Sigh). It's all good...

But I do not wait in vain! For the first time in my writing career, I find myself working on two projects simultaneously (ZEALOT & THE GULLIES). Both are horror novels and I like them equally in their own ways (much like children I would guess). They are very different from each other; and so each time I return from one to the other it is a breath of fresh air--invigorating. Below is a list of all my projects (novels only) and my progress to date:


THE GULLIES - 12,000 words

ZEALOT - 24,000 words

INHUMAN - 91,000 words (completed)

JEWEL - 71,000 words (completed)

Supernatural Thrillers

BROKEN MIRROR - 88,000 words (editing)

VESSEL OF THE DIABLO SI - 144,000 (editing - and yes I went crazy)

NO INNOCENT VICTIM - 22,000 words (currently on hold)

So there we are--projects galore. This of course does not include my short fiction and I should have some exciting news soon regarding a couple more anthologies that will include my work. In addition, there will be some exciting news regarding SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE DIABOLICAL NECROMANCER and Roy Booth's subsequent theatrical representation. Please stay tuned!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Funny Thing, Rejection

As a matter of course, I keep up with a number of websites, blogs, and e-groups (many of which are mentioned on my "links" page). Admittedly, these perusals tear me from valuable writing time, but there is also the argument that they help me to get better--which leads me into my next topic.

Rejection. I've been reading a lot of blogs and group discussions lately on rejection: rejection from agents, editors, publishers, you name it. The tone and flavor of these discussions have been a bit ranty for my tastes. People, rejection is our friend! If it were not for rejection and discriminating professionals in the literary community, the market would be flooded with so much junk and rubbish that our work (the quality stuff) would go largely unnoticed. Rejection raises the bar, motivates us to mature and grow as writers, and assures us that when we are ready there will be a slot open for us.

So, next time you get a rejection letter, and you will no matter what level you are at, just concentrate on what can be gleaned from it. How can it help you? And also remember that everyone, yes everyone, has been rejected. Even King was rejected a multitude of times before he got his first book published (Carrie I think). Did King get upset and quit writing? No...he improved and persevered.

Use rejection as a catalyst...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Some exciting news!

Roy Booth has completed the stage script for my short story, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE NECROMANCER. I have read through it...and wow! Roy's reputation is much deserved. He did an amazing job and I am on fire--almost literally--to see the first performance, which may be held right here in Bemidji.

This is particularly exciting for me as I grew up on a heavy dose of Sherlock Holmes. My father and I, on many occasions, lounged around the living room as Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce graced the TV screen (and we still do from time to time). So, this is a dream come true. Thanks Roy!

And for those of you not familiar with Roy Booth, whom I would guess are a precious few by now, he is the script guru for the "Beanie" play series, Brian Keene's TERMINAL, and R. Thomas Riley's THE DAY LUFBERRY WON IT ALL.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

R. Thomas Riley

Hey Gang,

Ali and I had a great time last night. Usually, date night wouldn't warrant a blog post, but it isn't every day that we get to hang out with fellow horror author and enthusiast R. Thomas Riley.

First off, I'm never sure just how to address the guy. Do I call him "R"...or Thomas...Mr. Riley seemed a bit formal being that we are already acquainted? We settled for Tommy.

Tommy was in town to, not only, promote his book THE MONSTER WITHIN IDEA, but to also begin film work for the script adaption (Roy C. Booth) of The Day That Lufberry Won It All--which by the way is this month's featured story at Apex Publishing's website. Check it out!

Anyway, we had a nice evening. In the intimate setting of Roy's comic book store, Tommy read to us, shared who he is as a writer and human being with us, and laughed with us. It was a great time and made me realize just how tight-knit a guild us horror authors belong to.

And to Tommy: thanks for sharing your talent and your good nature, my friend!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Celebratory Cigar

Hey gang! I just sparked the celebratory cigar--INHUMAN is in the can, so to speak. As the hour struck three o'clock, the final word struck paper, and the manuscript is complete at ninety grand (and yes, that's cigar speak for words). I won't dare tout it's merit--that is for you all to decide--but I will promise you this: one hell of a scare fest. This is by far the darkest piece I have ever penned, and I must admit that sometimes I even disturbed myself along the way...and I think my wife would concur. And I thank her for the unlimited patience!

In any regard, the blurb is now up on my website for anyone interested--and the artistic representation will follow suit in short order.

Now, as the sweet stench of tobacco smoke encircles my head, I will begin to plot and scheme my next project. I am thinking ZEALOT or RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE, but I am always open to suggestion my friends.

So long for now, gang--I believe that I hear a glass of Crown/diet calling my name!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hey Gang! Sorry about my absence from the helm! But its been a busy fall and winter for me and my family. Now that things have settled down a bit, my hope is to keep up with my blogging on a more regular basis going forward. Here's what's new:

First off, I have not been idle, my friends. I am well over 20,000 words into my latest project, a novel entitled, INHUMAN. The story, of course, involves an inhuman entity--and that's all I can say for now. When I begin querying for the project (probably in May/June) I will have the mini-synopsis posted on my "writing" page, along with an artistic representation (as always). And if you're curious, you can read (and rate, so rate it high) the first page of INHUMAN at

Secondly, Brendan Deneen, the agent who was working with me on THE DREGS project, has taken a new job with St. Martin's Press (Dunne Imprint). So, that project is on hold for the time being. The good news here is that this is a great opportunity for Brendan. And, in addition to Brendan's good fortune, I now have a contact with a major publisher. I can see this working out for the best.

Lastly, this all leaves me still seeking representation for my 2009 novel, JEWEL. Since Brendan has moved on from Fine Print, I have found it necessary to look for representation elsewhere. Fine Print is a wonderful organization, but none of the other agents choose to represent horror. So, it's an arduous task seeking representation, and one that I had hoped I would never need do again. But this situation has given me the opportunity to correspond with some very helpful people in the industry and things are looking positive. So, for all of you that have stood by, with wishes to read more of my work in print besides the short fiction, please be patient. It should be coming soon.

And speaking of short fiction! I will soon be blogging with more exciting news in that regard. Another anthology and a really cool magazine will be involved. Stay tuned.