Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brendan Deneen -- Fine Print Literary

Some great news! Brendan Deneen of Fine Print Literary has chosen to represent my work with a specific eye towards my novella, THE DREGS, and the subsequent screenplay that is being worked by Roy C Booth. The contract is being crafted as I write. I am beyond pleased that THE DREGS will be repped by such a talented and multi-faceted agent. Brendan is the professional clouter of all professional clouters!

I can see Brendan and I making a solid team for many years to come. I can also see more collaborations with Roy in the future as well. Now the hard work begins...and I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Interviews and Short Stories

Just a quick update...

My short story, THE ROCK, took honorable mention in The Tales of Torment contest, and is now published in the summer 2009 issue of the magazine Tales From the Moonlit Path...check it out!

The spring/summer 2009 issue of The Odd Mind magazine is now out and is featuring my short story WHAT WE'VE ALLOWED THEM TO BECOME. Check that out'll be glad you did!

I invite you all to go read my latest interview with the premiere horror website: Choateroad. Here is the link:

The anthologies Atrum Tempestas and Zombie Chronicles are now out. They feature my short stories, VESSEL OF THE DIABLO SI and FEAR CAGE respectively. Check my website for links or just Google the titles.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grandma (Hazel) Holley 1919-2009

As horror authors, we dance with death like it's our shadow. In real life, that shadow is called grief. Rest in peace Grandma Holley, rest in peace.

Friday, April 17, 2009

JEWEL and Other Updates

Hey gang! My latest novel, JEWEL, is off and the marketing has begun. A big thank you to my first readers: Dawne, Susan, and Sherri for your valuable input. I have already heard some good things about the manuscript, so here is to hoping that everything move swiftly. In the meantime, ZEALOT (the novel)--my next project--is officially under the pen. I am already 20,000 words in and it is shaping up to be something beyond my original expectations. If you read the short story and liked it, well, you're going to love this!

Below is a poem that is associated with the novel JEWEL. I wrote it recently and I think it represents the manuscript quite well. Please, let me know what you think. Depending on feedback, I may choose to use it as an appetizer (so to speak) before the prologue of the novel.

This welling mound of emotional pain
Slowly dissipating residuals – nothing save an electro-chemical stain
Lain bare, on the train tracks of a dripping tear
The soul fights on, but defies the host’s will to clear
Dead memories that sear with the flames of self-doubt
And clog the already stout arteries which lead to the future

DEAD MEMORIES, Justin Holley, 2009

On the script front, I have a bit of exciting news! I saw a portion of the first draft of THE DREGS and it is coming along very, very well. Oh, did I fail to mention that THE DREGS has been optioned? Well, indeed it has and I can't wait to see it on the big screen someday--fingers crossed! Again, I can't yet discuss specifics, but things are really looking up. SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE NECROMANCER is also still in the process of being transformed to script--more details soon.

My short story, WHAT WE'VE ALLOWED THEM TO BECOME, will be featured in the Spring 2009 issue of The Odd Mind Magazine. Please purchase a copy and support the literary arts! There will be a link on my website soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hey Gang,

Some pretty exciting stuff is happening as of late!

First off, let me say that the world premiere of the play TERMINAL was a hit. The show went great, with Brian Keene and Roy C. Boothe both pleased with the performances. We got some great footage for the DVD! Look for the poetry chap book, associated with the TERMINAL weekend, to be out soon. I have a poem included called STIRRING THE DARKNESS, so check it out.

If you haven't seen them yet, please go check out my interviews with Lilith at SNM Horror Magazine and with The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. Here are the links: and - the interviews went great and I think you'll enjoy learning a little something about yours truly.

Since my last post, I have had two pieces of short fiction accepted for publication. FEAR CAGE has been chosen for inclusion in the anthology Zombie Chronicles, due out in April - details to follow. WHAT WE'VE ALLOWED THEM TO BECOME will be published in the April issue of The Odd Mind magazine - please support the literary arts and purchase a copy! Also, THE REMAINS OF LOVE was given an honorable mention as an entry in Black Hound Publishing's "Valentine" contest. And, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE NECROMANCER has been optioned for script work--I cannot go into details yet, but I will just as soon as I am allowed.

Last, but not least, my latest novel, JEWEL, is finally taking shape! It may be the best fiction that I have ever written and should be wrapped up by the end of April, my "first readers" already hard at work. So, look out Brendan Deneen, you shall be queried in short order my friend.

Much more to come...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Brian Keene Is Coming To Town

Just use the above title of this blog, instead of Santa Clause, and you know just how excited I am about the production of TERMINAL!

What: The premiere production of the play TERMINAL
Who: Original novel by: Brian Keene Script by: Roy C Boothe
Where: Bemidji, MN - Paul Bunyan Playhouse Theatre
When: Friday the 27th @ 7:30pm, Saturday the 28th @ 1:00pm, & Sunday the 29th (2:00)

Other interesting facts:
  • Tickets can be purchased through the playhouse or Roy's Comics and Books (218-333-6759)
  • Brian Keene himself will be at all three performances, pen ready for autographs.
  • Yours Truly, the Horror Author Justin Holley, will be playing the part of "Keith" :)
  • This is a unique opportunity for all horror enthusiasts, especially writers! Many literary agents and Hollywood types will be in attendance.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Things That Go Bump (in the night or otherwise)

Paranormal investigation is all the rage now days. Shows like Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State are enjoying the luxury of fat ratings and a vast audience. As a horror author that often writes in a supernatural vein, I am often asked what my opinion is of the paranormal, outside of my fiction.

Let me start with this. I in no way mix what I write about in fiction with what I truly believe. That is not to say that I never add my own theories or proven truths into my writing, but rather I am saying that it would be impossible for you, the reader, to know when I am using solid theory and when I have completely made something up off the top of my head. So please don't read my stories for the purpose of trying to figure out my view of the paranormal. It is fiction.

With that said, I would also like to say that I have a great deal of respect for the community that scientifically investigates paranormal activity. The most well know, of course, is TAPS of Ghost Hunter's fame (Sci-fi channel). The way that Jay, Grant, and the gang go about their business is impeccable. Using gadgets such as EMF Detectors, Infrared Cameras, Voice Recorders, and other technology, they take a purely scientific approach to the whole business of collecting evidence. They shun the use of "spiritual" malodies, such as, Oija Boards and the like...purely scientific, the way it should be. They do not base their opinions on feelings, but on hard scientific proof. There are local groups also, much less known often times, but almost every area has one. One that I associate with is The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group out of Hibbing, MN. Adam Nori and the gang are a TAPS family affiliated group and also approach all their investigations from a scientific point of view--I highly encourage you all to check out their website.

The way I see it all is like this: All of God's creations are subject to His laws of science. Why would His spiritual ones not be, even if it is a science we do not yet understand? There was a time when we had evidence that black holes existed, but did not understand the science behind them...thus, they were unknown and scary. Today we understand the science behind black holes...and low and behold, the public view is now one of acceptance. One hundred years from now, will we understand the science behind ghosts? Will we accept them as part of our every day life? Interesting questions are they not?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Wrap Up...

For a year in which I expected to get no writing done, due to the many activities involved in marrying the love of my life and in the purchasing of a new home, I ended up being quite prolific after all. 2008 found me writing 15 complete and 2 partial pieces of short fiction, 4 of which have already been published and two more are slated to run in 2009. In addition to the short fiction, I completed--very roughly--a third of my new novella, JEWEL. Looking back, I am amazed at what I have accomplished...obviously Ali is a creative influence in my life.

That brings me to 2009. I am not a big proponent of the hype of a new year and making resolutions...time just seems to blend for me, no beginning no end, just a continuous flow of life. Therefore, I shall just relay my future plans so as far as to say that I intend, sometime in 2009, to write 2 more short storys that I have already committed to crafting and then finish my novels, JEWEL and NO INNOCENT VICTIM. If time allows, and the muse blesses me with inspiration, I would be overjoyed to begin the marketing process of the above mentioned novels, although my gut tells me that it may be an ambitious goal to set within the time-frame of a year. Editing is a grueling process, but we shall see!

I do also hope, in regards to my literary efforts, that 2009 finds more of my short fiction in circulation. I also hope that time provides me the opportunity to network more often with my author friends by the way of conferences...and oh yes...THE FUNKY WERE PIG Blogtalk Radio show (check it out, by the way, on Blogtalk Radio, Fridays @ 10:00 central time).