Thursday, July 1, 2010

Funny Thing, Rejection

As a matter of course, I keep up with a number of websites, blogs, and e-groups (many of which are mentioned on my "links" page). Admittedly, these perusals tear me from valuable writing time, but there is also the argument that they help me to get better--which leads me into my next topic.

Rejection. I've been reading a lot of blogs and group discussions lately on rejection: rejection from agents, editors, publishers, you name it. The tone and flavor of these discussions have been a bit ranty for my tastes. People, rejection is our friend! If it were not for rejection and discriminating professionals in the literary community, the market would be flooded with so much junk and rubbish that our work (the quality stuff) would go largely unnoticed. Rejection raises the bar, motivates us to mature and grow as writers, and assures us that when we are ready there will be a slot open for us.

So, next time you get a rejection letter, and you will no matter what level you are at, just concentrate on what can be gleaned from it. How can it help you? And also remember that everyone, yes everyone, has been rejected. Even King was rejected a multitude of times before he got his first book published (Carrie I think). Did King get upset and quit writing? No...he improved and persevered.

Use rejection as a catalyst...