Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beyond the written word... perhaps?

Sometimes things in life take an unexpected, but delightful detour and rejection turns into something else entirely.

My short story "The Dregs" was rejected by Necrotic Tissue last week. More specifically it was rejected by Paige McCoy, one of the editors of the highly touted e-zine. Paige mentioned that, in her opinion, the peice has too many POV changes for a true short story. She did suggest, however, that it has the potential for the screen and that she wouldn't be surprised to see it there.

I had mixed emotions of course. Rejection is never grand, but within it came an opportunity that I had never considered. I sent the MS to a producer from Sacramento that I have become familiar with. I shall leave him nameless at this point, but he has worked with horror author Michael Laimo and so I thought he may be a good fit.

I am a bit excited because this producer got back to me and asked to see "The dregs". He thought the concept had merit and said that he would get back to me upon assessing "The Dregs" filmability. Now I wait as always, having learned that good things come to those that do--and those that work hard.

In the spirit of waiting, Brendan Deneen requested that I also keep him posted. Wouldn't that just be a wild ride... if this producer would care to produce "The Dregs" and Brendan Deneen would care to represent me. That is too much to think about, so I'll wait to jump up and down when it actually happens!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Recent Short Stories For Necrotic Tissue

In the last week, I have finished with two short stories that I am quite excited about: The Dregs and It Cries. Both were written for the e-zine Necrotic Tissue--both are terrifying (so I am told). The Dregs is a submission for the e-zine itself, with It Cries being a submission for Necrotic Tissue's upcoming "Bloom Memorial" anthology. Please look for the anthology in late 2008... perhaps early 2009.

Not to worry, my work on No Innocent Victim and Jewel is coming along just fine--both are still on schedule anyway.

Some good news for Spirit Asylum! In the last week, I have had a few more requests for material. The one that I am excited about inparticular is from Sandy Lu of Vanguard Literary. Sandy is a rock solid agent and along with Brendan Deneen, one of my top choices.