Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Art of Querying

Earlier this month I finally sent out a batch of query letters requesting representation for Spirit Asylum, my second novel. It has taken me awhile, but I believe that I have the manuscript honed to at least a reasonably sharp edge.

I know that perhaps I should have used more of a scattergun approach, but instead I have employed a technique that I thought any agent should appreciate. Having been an HR Manager, I understand a little bit about being approached for a job. I always liked it when job seekers did some research and tailored their materials to match the job I had open. I figured agents can’t be far off from feeling the same way. After all, publishing is a business like anything else. Why would an agent want to represent someone who doesn’t meet the criteria for the kind of author they are looking for? So anyway, I did a little research.

I started on Agent Query with my research and branched out to agency websites. I also noted who represented authors that resembled my style and genre. From there I narrowed down the field by researching each of the agents one by one. I had a wonderful time actually. I read through agent blogs, agent profiles, and any advice that they had rendered available on-line. I took the information to heart and tweaked my query letter for each of the six agents I chose. I can hear my fellow writers laughing now. “You’ll never get a request for a partial after only six tries!”

I would kindly like to point out what a keen eye Mr. Brendan Deneen of Objective Entertainment has. I would also like to thank him for proving my theory to be accurate and for finding my short synopsis “cool”. Brendan was within the top two agents that I decided to approach and I would be ecstatic to begin a professional business relationship with a solid agent and agency. Here is to hoping that Brendan finds my sample chapters equally as “cool” as my short synopsis. The manuscript is already enveloped and stamped, prepared for departure to New York.

Just thought I would share a little information that other authors might find helpful.

Okay, back to No Innocent Victim (my next work in progress). It has been speaking to me from “within the shadows” as of late, feeling neglected. I shouldn’t keep it waiting.

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